First Time Sailing


We felt the thrill of first time sailing and we’re glad to be able to make you feel it. Our Professional RYA Yachtmasters will take you and your friends to great islands in top sailing destinations and it’ll be the holiday of a lifetime. All our routes are carefully chosen for safe sailing.

What? Where? When?

Join Friends Yachting with your buddies. Choose where to go for first time sailing.

Check-in is always Saturdays. You are expected to arrive at the boat at 16:00. In the morning the boats need to be cleaned and checked after a week sailing. Meanwhile, provisioning is done and main provisions are brought in.
You will meet your skipper in the marina. During your sailing week, he will teach you to sail and show you the best spots on route. Together with your personal host, he will make sure you’ll have a great holiday to remember.

First time sailing?

Every journey starts with one step. A Sailing Holiday is accessible to most of us. In a couple of hours from boarding you’ll get acquainted to the boat. Living space is limited but very well organized and very comfortable. Remember that we limit the guests to six for maximum comfort.

The best accommodation!

  • Sea-view 24/7
  • Swim in clear blue waters as much as you like and whenever you like
  • New destinations every day and places to explore
  • Food and drinks always available
  • It’s always sunny with a fresh breeze ensuring the best possible tan
  • Peace and quiet as you like and still you can choose the music you want  (each yacht has it’s own audio system)
  • Reach the most beautiful bays and enjoy the best lunches at sea

A typical day

One day might be like this:

  • 09:00 breakfast onboard
  • 11:00 head towards the next island
  • 14:00 Lunch stop. Enjoy lunch in the middle of the sea or maybe in a bay; swim and relax
  • 15:00 – 16:00 keep sailing, sunbathe on deck and enjoy cold drinks.
  • 17:00 – 18:00 arrive at your destination, anchor and maybe go for shopping, rent scooters…
  • 20:00 – 22:00 dine out in a local restaurant

Quick tips

  • Electricity is available while docked and there is 230V; while sailing you can still charge your phone and have cold drinks (only 12V)
  • Our yachts are equipped with audio system, fridge, kitchen and toilets so life on yacht doesn’t miss anything
  • Keep in mind that space is very well organized but still limited. Pack as you would go to the seaside; soft bags are great to store
  • For more information please check the FAQ section

Discover our Destinations

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