Living on Board – Sharing Space

Living on Board – Sharing Space

This article is actually part of a sequel which will include several topics about living on board. Even if it is only a week, for a sailing holiday, it comes in hand knowing how to behave while living with other people on a boat. Space is limited and certain rules apply for life on a boat to be great for all of us. Make the experience a great one by learning to live and work as a team. Adapt yourself to the limitations of the onboard facilities. So, we shall discuss about:

  1. Sharing space,
  2. Berths and stowage,
  3. Cooking on board,
  4. Heads and plumbing,
  5. Power usage.

This article will focus only on Sharing space and articles will follow on every topic.

All FriendsYachting Skippers will instruct everyone on board before departing. A full and thorough induction will be made, so, don’t worry if it’s your first time on a sailing yacht. Your skipper will explain the importance of being tidy, stowing gear when not in use and keeping the boat clean and dry.

It is highly recommended to stow all your personal belongings in the lockers allocated to you. Each cabin has enough space for two people so don’t leave your stuff on the floor or lying around tables. Boats have the tendency to heel and all unsecured items will start flying around.

In regards of the chart table, NEVER PUT liquids. Most yachts have power switches, fuses and cables in this area so it is important not to leave any liquids. Cleaner you keep the boat, the better you’ll feel. Nothing reduces morale faster than living in a damp. Keep the galley, heads and cabins clean and tidy. Teamwork is important for all jobs on the boat, not only sailing tasks. A week with FriendsYachting will improve your cooperation abilities and also will make you able to better show your consideration to others.


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